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BeautyLash Eyelash Booster

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BeautyLash Eyelash Booster

With the help of Beauty Lash Growth Booster you get a natural eyelash extension without wearing the lashes. Growth Booster stimulates the growth of the lashes. After regular use your lashes get denser, stronger, longer and naturally beautiful.

-- 75% longer lashes
-- Denser and stronger lashes
-- Scientifically proven functionality
-- Clinically tested

The secret lies beneath the surface
-- The sea is the source of all life and growth. Life under the sea surface has been studied for many years and is used in cosmetics and medicine. Growth Booster is developed based on this knowledge.
-- The products growth-activating substance is Black sea rod oil which is found in the coral Plexura Homo Malla in the Caribbean Sea.

How does it work?
-- Growth boosters active substance Black Sea Rod Oil extends and improves the lash
growth period significantly. The roots are strengthened thanks to the activating cellular
level. This will make the lashes stronger and will prevent them to fall off prematurely.
Other active ingredients are D-panthenol, biotin and hyaluronic acid.
-- D-panthenol gives the lashes nuitrition and shine. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the roots of the lashes and prevents them from drying out. Biotin acts as the “beauty vitamin”. 

The product can also be used on eyebrows.